Back to my village after studying agronomics, vine-growing and oenology in Beaune, Rouffach and Avize, and training in Rilly la Montagne, Champagne, in Lutry, Switzerland, and in Saint-Avit-de-SoulĂšge in the Bordeaux region.

In the meantime, we had two particularly successful harvests named Augustin and Tom in 2001 and 2002.

In the vineyard, I aim at controlling the impact of our operations on the environment. My efforts have been rewarded and certified High Environmental Value (HVE) Level 3.

I always try to put forward the characteristics of each and every plot of land and reach perfect grape maturity and health. My wines reflect the history of the region and my sense of balance. They also reflect a particular wish at a particular period of time. No detail is left to chance.

I need to be certain that each wine I make will bring pleasure to the one who tastes it and stimulate the desire to share it !


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